Jagriti Samaj Nepal
The aim of Jagriti Samaj Nepal is certainly to help to the concern people in number of respects.

The followings are the aims of JSN:

  • To motivate the job of social work
  • To help the children at risk & disable for their all round development
  • To educate the people from different angles as per demand of target and to help them to pursuit happiness of life.
  • To advocate on the behalf of women, children and disable.
  • To help to enhance the creativity.
  • To empower the women, children and disable in society and to cultivate the development activities.
  • To organize different events and program for Environment. Global warming, water resources and so on.

The followings are the objectives of JSN:

The motto of JSN is to raise the voice for the rights of children, women and disable to provide the service to them. Its principal objective is to encourage the job of social work and to provide the best service to the all round development of children especially who are at risk. There are given most of the specific objectives of Jagriti Samaj Nepal.
  • Raise the voice for the protection of child rights.
  • Encourage the people who are social worker and contributors,
  • Advocate for children,women and disable who are at risk,
  • Help them to acquire skill and training and to assist them to be economically independent,
  • Conduct hostel for children who are homeless and helpless,
  • Manage health campaign, free health service and literacy programme to women, children and disable who are very needy,
  • Rehabilitate the children who are at risk,
  • Respect hardwork, labour and sincerity to work of community level people,
  • Raise contemporary social and political issues of the society, conduct talk and cultural programme widely in different places.
  • Advocate on the behalf of women, children & disable.
  • Organizing different program for changing environment, global warming, water resources and so on.

JSN Nepal is one of the pinor social organization and it is doing social & disable charity events & different social documentary.

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