Jagriti Samaj Nepal
Policy and strategy are the means to achieve the target. It means the way how JSN approach to the people to help the people. To fulfill the aim and objectives of JSN the organization has adopted the following policy and strategy which are as follows:

Health Campaign:
JSN regularly provides its health service, especially health check-up, providing medicine to the target, counseling, and hygine and health awareness programme. Similarly JSN goes to different place to place and campaigns different programmes.

Children Rehabilitation:
Children, who are found at risk which means found at street, found who are homeless, and found those who are at very difficult situations would be brought to the children home and those children will get health care and education. As time goes ahead these children would be gradually rehabilitating at their best suitable places.

Motivation Programme:
Jagriti Samaj Nepal has been doing different motivational programmes to encourage the social workers to continue their job. Not only will this other people also be motivated to the work of social service. Motivational programmes can be of different types as - Interview, bringing them to television, brining their contributory work to front, encouraging them and Awarding their work socially. The sincerely working providing best social service under shadow is the target to encourage. They should be introduced as nationally and internationally. People from here and people from other country are also working hare in Nepal. In fact the conclusion is a good job of people has to be ever encouraged.

Personality Falicitation Programme:
National and international level people who are distinguished by work service are the people to be encouraged. Still there are many more who are hidden and unknown therefore JSN will bring them in front to encourage because of which the job of social work would be more extended.

Media Programme and correspondence:
JSN has also planned to conduct number of media programmes which will be through television programme and through different newspapers and magazines. JSN would correspond in wider level to interact on different JSN activities and programmes. The feedback and interaction would help the organization to go ahead smoothly.

Adult Literacy Programme:
In the target area to the target people it is planned to conduct adult literacy programme. This adult literacy programme would help to them to acquire some of the very basic skills. Therefore that will help those adult people to adjust in a family and society too.

Drug Abuse Awareness Programme:
These days some of the children of different kinds, of different places and of ages have been unknowingly or knowingly using drugs or showing their interest which is very unexpected and unfortunate to the society. Jagriti Samaj Nepal has planned to work out to minimize the problems . Children are the pillars of the society but if they are getting the way in that area the future society or hence future youths shall be in problem area. Therefore some preventive measures should be taken from the right beginning.

Cultural Awareness Programme:
JSN also arranges some talk programmes. This will be the nature of discussions and interactive types. This kind of programmes would help to exchange cultural milieus and affairs.

Children Creativity Enhancement Programme:
JSN main target is to help and to encourage children for their sincere works and creativity. It is expected to help them by taking them in media, different programmes, by awarding, by providing them some materials and so on.

Scholarship Programme to Children and Disable:
To help poor and needy children JSN tries to manage scholarship to those children. For that JSN will go collaboratively with number of organizations and number of distinguished figures.

Children Hostel Programmes:
Once JSN is the organization to for children especially who are at risk needs to conduct hostel for them also. Therefore, in future there will be different hostels managed by JSN hostel department. This helps children to adjust in society and get education along with proper takecare.

JSN Nepal is one of the pinor social organization and it is doing social & disable charity events & different social documentary.

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