Jagriti Samaj Nepal
Organizational Structure:
The organizational Structure of Jagriti Samaj Nepal is based on Democratic norms and values. At the top level of the organization, there is General Assembly and this Assembly determine the central level Management Committee. This management committee has got the full power and authority of the organization to enhance itís activities and implement all programs. Management committee appoints employees and other authorized persons. There are different department and sections which handles different works differently but cooperatively. Monitoring and Evaluation Department is separate and independent to work out differently to guide and control the programmes successfully.

Financial Management of the Organization:
At present the financial management of organization is run through by donation and charity. But still the nature of donation is very limited and in narrow scope. So we have been facing numbers of problems to implement the programmes successfully. Although, we have been running some of the programmes at the very difficult stage. Financial transparency is our main concern and this part is never negligible. Mostly we ask for help with different people to conduct the programmes at the practice level.

Staff Management:
JSN has a certain pattern of staff management. It recruits the staffs through competition and systematic ways. Therefore working procedures is also systematic. Decision of recruiting staffs and delegating power is the job of Management Committee.

Evaluation and Monitoring:
There is an evaluation and monitoring department in JSN which independently monitors the programmes and activities of Jagriti Samaj Nepal. This department has its own format and evaluation procedures and can easily evaluate the work of management committee memberís work too.

Seeking Donors:
JSN has certainly some of the challenges to accomplish the goals of the programmes. Hence we are ever open to discuss with number of other partner organizations and with donors to go collaboratively. We have clearly stated our objectives because the concern parties need to have clear picture upon JSN.

Organizational Relations:
Jagriti Samaj Nepal has a number of relations with different organizations. The relation is certainly important to share and accomplish the mission of both organizations.

JSN has been working as a social organization in Nepal for about twelve years. It has been remarkably performing its service in the concern sector. Although, it is facing number of challenges in its practice. JSN has a clear vision of social service and its working procedures. With a great esteem, JSN would warmly welcome to different parties to the extension of its aims for accomplishment of its goals.

JSN Nepal is one of the pinor social organization and it is doing social & disable charity events & different social documentary.

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